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Genesis Mining Promo Code

Genesis Mining Promo code is the code released by which ensures discounts when buying hashpower from them. If you are planning on getting in the cloud mining business, this company is the most reliable and safest to invest in my opinion. I have bought several contracts and i can confirm, they did not miss the payment so far. The contracts mine Bitcoins for me and each day they go straight to my wallet. I never pay the retail price, 33DISCOUNT is the coupon code I use for a while and it works like a charm.


Why I chose Genesis?

I have already mentioned the most important reason. Their actions tell me they will not run with my investment like some other Ponzi scheme sites. If they were planning to, they would be long gone. There is no point of closing their business now, after more than 2 years and btc halvening. So this is the safest place to start cloud mining.

Another thing, they offer 3 types of contracts, always optimizing and improving them. Our Genesis Mining coupon code work for all contracts. It will never expire. The beauty is, I don’t have to dig for it on the Internet, and I have stored the Genesis coupon on my email so it’s just a click away when I plan to buy hashpower. So, here are the contracts.


Early mining algo. With sha256, you can mine Bitcoin, ZetaCoin and Unobtanium directly. Great thing, if you wish your payouts in other altcoin, Genesis will exchange the original, mined ones to desired coins and send them to your wallet. They call this allocation. This is the lifetime contract and when you buy it, you will get payouts every day as long as your hashpower is profitable. They charge a small amount of USD for miner’s maintenance and power, but once you buy the contract, this fee will always remain the same. Genesis Mining has some kind of packages, but for SHA, you can buy minimum 0.1 TH/S for 19 USD, maximum 200 TH/S for 32.000 USD and every amount in between. Remember, the price is lower when using Genesis Mining discount code.


It was sold out for couple of months but it is available again. This time it is a 2 years contract which is great. (It was one year before). You can mine StartCoin and Dashcoin directly and get paid in other crypto currencies if desired. X11 contracts don’t have any maintenance fees, only the initial investment. Minimum hashpower for this contract is 2 MH/s for 20 bucks and maximum is 500 MH/S for $4.000. And you get the 3% discount with coupon 🙂


This cloud mining company is doing a great job when it comes to offering various types of services. Ethash is 1 year contract, also without maintenance fees. You can mine Ether directly and get paid in ETH or Bitcoin.  Minimum amount of hash power is 1MH/S (37 USD), and maximum is 500MH/S (18.500 USD) without the discount.

I have to say, their interface is very easy to use, straight forward and user friendly. You can see the stats of your mining progress in charts, your allocation (You can even allocate multiple currencies in the same contract) and other things. Buying process is also fast and easy. Just select desired hash and contract, choose payment, enter promo code and complete the order.

Genesis Mining offers various methods of payment, including BTC, which is great. I often reinvest mined coins and buy more hashpower. Sadly, you can’t do it on their website, you need to get coins on your wallet and then reinvest. They are not wallet providers, but I don’t mind. There are so many wallets out there and if you are reading this, you have at least one already. It doesn’t matter which contract you choose, 33DISCOUNT Genesis Mining promo code works for all of them. You will get 3% off, just remember to click on the verify button to apply the discount.


Detailed guide on how to buy a new mining contract

Lots of people having questions when entering in a cloud mining business with a Genesis. That is quite normal, especially when a user needs to buy something online. Not to mention this bitcoin niche makes the whole thing scarier.  People are being careful and they should be. It’s easier when someone, who already made the purchase guides you. That way you know you are on the right track. So here it is.

Setting up the account

  1. Go to and go to sign up (double check your URL, you want to be sure you are on the right website)
  2. Enter your email address and password. It is important to write the correct address as you will not be able to change it once you make an account. And the password should be strong. Press Sign up
  3. You should configure your account. Go to my account, 2factor auth and enable it to turn on google autentification.
  4. Go on the wallets tab and enter desired wallets. If you want pay-outs in other then bitcoin, you should add other wallets.

Buying a new contract

  1. To buy a contract you need to go on “upgrade hashpower” on side menu. You will see 3 rulers, each one is for a different type of contract. Sha256, X11 and ETH.
  2. Next choose desired payment type on the bottom right side of the screen.
  3. Select the hash power you want to buy by dragging the ruler for desired contract type to the right. You will see the price right away.
  4. Click the continue button below the payment type form.
  5. On the top of the next screen you will see genesis mining promo code field. You should enter 33DISCOUNT there and click on “Verify” button. This is important. This way the platform will verify the promo code and give you the discount.
  6. Press the “agree on all terms” checkbox and then click on continue to complete the order.


There is a one more thing you should do. You should set your mining allocation. You will actually choose what coins you will mine and in what altcoins the pay-outs will be. Go to “Mining allocation” in the left side menu and you will see the setup for sha256. If you bought sha256 contract, allocate desired coins on this screen. For x11 or Ether select the desired contract on the top of the screen and then set the allocation.

That’s it. You are good to go. Mining will start the second you bought the contract. Your payouts will be seen within 48 hours in your wallet. You will also see them in dashboard.